Investigation Report

Hingham, MA 11/07/09

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Investigators:  Peter Dodd, Owen Daley, Robb Dowell,Erik Holden, Peter MacDonald, Alden Finnie, Shauna Caisey and Bob Sargent.

Equipment:  Digital Cameras, EMF Detectors, KII Meter, Digital Voice Recorders, Sony IR Handy Cams, Q-see DVR and IR Cameras

Activity/History:  A private resident built in the 1700's. In separate incidents, the owners have seen an apparition of a woman walking through the living room, lights turn on by themsleves, a feeling of an animal sneezing on the owner and various smells

Weather:   External weather was overcast with temps in the high 40's.

Temperature:   Temperatures throughout the house ranged from 57 - 66 degrees +/- 1 - 2 degrees and remained fairly constant through the night.

EMF:   Base readings were taken and were normal throughout the house all around 0.0 mg. Except right near the fuse box itself where we noticed the readings went up to 24.0 mg and higher.

EVPs:   There were many EVP's captured. The most prominent one was captured in the dining room  here 

Digital Cameras:   There was one picture with an interesting orb captured at the back of the house here 

Handy Cams:  There was no significant video captured.

Personal Experiences:  Both teams, independently, observered an EMF anomaly in the exercise room. In the middle of the room, three feet from the wall and two feet off the floor both teams observed KII and EMf spikes off and on through the night. There were no power lines in that area and no equipment that gave off these spikes. As we prepared to do an EVP session in the dining room, multiple team members smelled the scent of oranges. The scent disappeared almost as fast as we noticed it and didn't come back again. One of the teams that had investigated upstairs earlier, upon their second investigation of the upstairs, right at the top of the stairs, there was a strong smell of flowers which wasn't there earlier. This smell disappated quickly also.

Conclusions:   This house appears to have some activity which would warrant further investigation.

Prepared by Owen Daley Co-Founder.

© 2010 The South Shore Paranormal Society