Investigation Report

Southeastern, MA 8/22/09

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Investigators:  Peter Dodd, Owen Daley Robb Dowell and Bob Sargent.

Equipment:  Digital Cameras, EMF Detectors, KII Meter, Digital Voice Recorders, Sony IR Handy Cams

Activity/History:  A former military installation

Weather:   External weather was raining with temps in the low 60's.

Temperature:   Temperatures throughout the facility were 60 degrees +/- 1 - 2 degrees and remained fairly constant.

EMF:   Base readings were taken and were normal throughout the facility all around 0.0 mg. Except at the far end of the facility where the unshielded wire is close to the ground. We were able to detect high EMFs around these wires.

EVPs:   There were many EVP's captured. One was in a sublevel of tunnels beneath the facility here.   Another one was captured in the main hallway  here  and appears to be a response to the question. Another one captured in the hallway here appears to be  someone explaining their rank.Another one captured in the hallway involved the client talking about the troops that were formerly there here  We even had someone trying to communicate with us at basecamp here 

Digital Cameras:   There was one picture with a mist that appeared and disappeared just as quickly here 

Handy Cams:  The video that was captured by the hallway camera that was stationed near where the above picture was taken is shown here. Note towards the end of video there is a black mass that blocks out one of the investigators.See that here Caution very large file. May take a few minutes to load.

Personal Experiences:   There was a light that was seen moving on an outside wall at one point. There was a feeling in the sublevel that someone was there with the investigators. We had an anomalous EMF reading in one of the rooms that had no EMFs previously

Conclusions:   This facility appears to have an interactive haunting and we feel deserves more investigation in the future.

Prepared by Owen Daley Co-Founder.

© 2009 The South Shore Paranormal Society