Investigation Report

Scituate, MA 6/20/09

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Investigators:  Peter Dodd, Owen Daley and Bob Sargent.

Equipment:  Digital Cameras, TRI Field Natural EMF Meter & KII, Digital Voice Recorders, Sony IR Handy Cams, Q-SEE Cameras and DVR

Activity/History:  This house was built in the early 1800's and has been extensively remodeled.

Weather:   External weather was cloudy with temps in the mid 70's.

Temperature:   Temperatures throughout the house averaged in the mid 70's.

EMF:   Base readings were taken and were normal throughout the house, all around 0.0 mg with the expected variations around electrical appliances.

EVPs:   There were several EVP's captured. The first was in the back hall here.  The second was in the third floor bedroom  here  and appears to be a response to the question. The third one here came as  the investigators were on the stairs from the third to second floor and appears to be someone attempting to "talk" to the investigators.

Digital Cameras:   There no worthwhile evidence captured with the digital cameras.
Handy Cams: The following anomalies were captured first by a hand held camera on the second floor, watch the lower right hand side of the screen here. The second was captured on a stationary camera in the cellar, there is a slight shake to the camera although it was on a concrete floor and only happened once during the evening. See that here Caution very large file. May take a few minutes to load .

Personal Experiences:   Pete and Owen both felt cold spots during the evening.

Conclusions:   This house appears to have a residual haunting and we feel deserves more investigation in the future.

Prepared by Bob Sargent Co-Founder.

© 2009 The South Shore Paranormal Society