Investigation Report

Whitman, MA 03/13/10

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Investigators:  Peter Dodd, Owen Daley, Robb Dowell,Erik Holden, Peter MacDonald, Alden Finnie, Bonnie Campbell and Bob Sargent.

Equipment:  Digital Cameras, EMF Detectors, KII Meter, Digital Voice Recorders, FLIR, PX, Sony IR Handy Cams, Q-see DVR and IR Cameras

Activity/History:  A private resident built in the early 1900's. In separate incidents, the owners have seen an apparition of a woman in the bedroom, A figure peeking around the corner while they are watching TV in the TV room. The feeling of being held down at night by a presence. And many more than can be listed.

Weather:   External weather was 'Noreaster with torrential rain with temps in the mid 50's.

Temperature:   Temperatures throughout the house ranged from 61 - 65 degrees and remained fairly constant through the night.

EMF:   Base readings were taken and were normal throughout the house all around 0.2 mg. Except in the bathroom where we noticed the readings went up to 1.8mg as a base.

EVPs:   EVPs were tough that night due to the torrential rain contaminating many recordings. There were many noises captured though. As for EVPs the most prominent one was captured in the dining room  here 

Digital Cameras:   There was one picture with an interesting orb captured in the living room here 

Handy Cams:  There was interesting video captured on the front porch. These are all fairly quick and you will need to step through them to see them thoroughly. The first video has a team doing an EVP session in the front porch and you see an orb appear by the pool table here  The second video is again in the front porch and you see an orb appear in almost the same spot by the pool table here  These two videos look like it may be a bug but we never saw the bug flying around the room at other times and didn't see it return to where it started from. The third video is again in the front porch and you see the orb again but starting from the other side of the room. Once again we never saw it fly over to that side or anywhere in the room prior to this movement. here  This last video is again in the front porch and was caught just after we setup the camera. It only appears for one frame of film, grows in intensity but then fades out as fast here  This was caught with a digital camcorder so film contamination was ruled out.

Personal Experiences:  Towards the end of the night while trying to provoke in the master bedroom. Owen felt a stabbing pain in one of his eyes. At this same time, Bonnie who had been on the bed trying to provoke said she felt very lightheaded

Conclusions:   This house appears to have activity which would warrant further investigation.

Prepared by Owen Daley Co-Founder.

© 2010 The South Shore Paranormal Society