Investigation Report

Avon, MA 6/10/09

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Investigators:  Peter Dodd, Owen Daley and Shauna Caisey

Equipment:  Digital Cameras, TRI Field Natural EM Meter & KII, Digital Voice Recorders, Sony IR Handy Cams

Activity/History:  This house was built in the early 1800's and has been expanded as needed ever since. The house at this time is currenlty empty. In separate incidents, the sound of a chain dropping has been heard, footsteps on wood where there are is no wood floor coming from the 2nd floor, Disembodied voices, and objects moving on their own.

Weather:   External weather was mostly cloudy with temps in the mid 50's.Sunrise was at 5:07AM and set at 8:21PM. The Moon was 94% full but was not a factor as it was not visible due to cloud cover. Solar X-Rays were normal that day and there was no changes in the Geomagnetic Field

Temperature:   Temperatures throughout the house ranged in the low 70's.

EMF:   Base readings were taken and were normal throughout the house, all around 0.0 mg

EVPs:   Shauna picked up two decent EVPs. The first here  happend just after the beginning of the investigation. The second one here came a little later in the night just after a break.

Digital Cameras:   There was an unexplained orb on one of the photos here .

Personal Experiences:   Shauna and Pete both felt they were touched during the night including a strong feeling of a cobweb even though there wer none

Conclusions:   This house is a favorite of ours and appears to have a residual haunting.

Prepared by Owen Daley Co-Founder.

© 2009 The South Shore Paranormal Society