Investigation Report

Scituate, MA 3/14/09

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Investigators:  Bob Sargent, Peter Dodd and Owen Daley of  The South Shore Paranormal Society
Paul Oleskiewicz and Peter Marino of the Central Berkshire Ghost Hunters in conjunction with  The South Shore Paranormal Society

Equipment:   Digital Cameras, Q-see DVR and IR Cameras, EMF Cell Sensor & KII, Digital Thermometer, Digital Voice Recorders, Sony IR Handy Cams

Activity/History:  This house was built in 1699 and has been expanded as needed ever since. The current occupant has lived there for 30+ years and raised six children there.  In two separate incidents, the apparition of a woman in pilgrim's clothing has been sighted. There is also a closet door in the master bedroom that opens itself during the night.

Weather:   External weather was mostly cloudy with temps in the high 40's to low 50's.Sunrise was at 5:57AM and set at 5:49PM.

Temperature:   Temperatures throughout the house ranged from 68 to 72 degrees and remained constant though the night.

EMF:   Base readings were taken and were incredibly high throughout the  house,  ranging from 7.3 mg in the kitchen to over 12.1 mg in the master bedroom, thorough investigation determined the cause to be an electric transformer not far from the master bedroom's window. The constant high reading rendered our EMF equipment and KII meters useless for this investigation.  Subsequent calls to the client indicates that she has talked to her electric company and they are going to move the transformer. During the reveal we noted EMF levels that were more normal, but still high in the master bedroom.

EVPs:   Peter and Owen got the following class a EVP in the attic.   Click here to listen to that  EVP. Owen got the following EVP in the living room. Click here to listen to that  EVP

Digital Cameras:   No reportable video 

Personal Experiences:  Peter Dodd felt a tug on his pant leg while in the cellar, and Peter Marino heard a giggle while sitting in the family room.  The closet door stayed shut during our investigation but the client indicates that after we left and she went up to bed she found the door open.

Conclusions:   The results are somewhat inconclusive and we recommend that we re-investigate after the transformer is removed and the EMF levels are normal.

Prepared by Bob Sargent Co-Founder.

© 2009 The South Shore Paranormal Society